Who We Are

Dispensa Italiana is a trading company and export platform born in 2015.

The original project, still in a start-up phase, was to create movable modules which, through predetermined paths, spread the best Italian food products all over the world, increasing their awarness among a foreign customer base. The project, covered by an Australian patent, has been prized at SMAU exhibition in Milan as one of the most innovative projects in the food industry and is now under development.

The company is currently focused on three core business

Dispensa Distribution: dedicated to the distribution of food products in Italy.

Dispensa Export: aimed at trading food products in foreign markets.

Dispensa Digital: e-commerce project involving online sales of the best Italian food.

Pasta Varieties

The main company mission is to select the best brands of the internationally renowned Italian food tradition and to create international opportunities for them, working as a commercial partner through a well developed network of foreign buyers and local distributors.

Thanks to a great team of professionals with extensive experience in the food industry, the company focus its efforts on the scounting stage, searching for top quality food companies,  mainly belonging to the slow food segment, with a careful evaluation of their production process.

At the same time, through a strong team of Export Managers, the company develops important relationships with foreign operators in the food industry, focusing its efforts on markets with the biggest potential.

Dispensa Italiana adopts a consultative approach both towards production companies and foreign buyers: on one side, Dispensa connects each company with the right operator, according to its production capacity, pricing and brand positioning. On the other one, each buyer is assigned to the company which best accomodates his commercial needs, thus representing a key partner for both entities. By offering several and important international opportunities to production companies, Dispensa is also able to get the best price for each product, thus supporting local distributors in getting the highest value for money and easily marketing products  within a very competitive marketplace.


On top of product distribution for production companies, Dispensa Italiana owns the whole logistic process, thanks to the availability of trucks suitable for the delivery of any kind of goods, from long storage to fresh and super fresh products. Moreover, Dispensa Italiana boasts an export platform able to manage deliveries all over the world in an efficient, effective and timely way.  Thanks to the groupage technique, the company is able to manage the logistic process for any kind of order, thus freeing up local distributors from minimum order quantities and allowing production companies to manage each delivery in a profitable way.


 Dispensa Italiana boasts a highly qualified professional team with an extensive commercial and export background such as Area Managers, Export Managers, consultants and international lawyers who, thanks to complementary skills, assist the best food companies in trading their products in the international marketplace without any hassle.

Beyond intercepting international opportunities for production companies and connecting international buyers with top quality Italian food producers, Dispensa Italiana assists in fact Italian companies in international negotiations and agreements’ development.

On top of that, the company boasts local partners in different markets, which provide local support in the pre and post delivery stage, helping with labels, customs clearance and any other issue linked to local markets’ regulation.