About Our Services
Dispensa Italiana works as a commercial partner botth for production and distribution companies, offering a wide and varied set of benefits to both parts

Selection of the best Italian food

Every product included in our selection is chosen through a careful evaluation of quality standards related to ingredients and the production process


Dispensa Italiana is able to manage the logistic process for every kind of product. Using the groupage technique, the company helps both producers and
importers to manage every order in a profitable way.


Each company is followed by an expert team of consultants who take care of negotiations, agreements and every aspect of the export process related to local

Why Choose Dispensa Italiana?
Many are the benefits which Dispensa Italiana brings to both food producers and international distributors

Top quality products

Our team of experts is always in search for new products to include in our
portfolio. They are not only passioned about food, but all have extensive
experience in the industry, which allows them to select only the best of the
internationally reknown Italian food tradition. Each company is carefully
evaluated through an attentive study of its raw materials and manufacturing
standards, which allows Dispensa to boast an exclusive selection of top quality

Great prices

Dispensa Italiana is able to offer great quality food at the best price. Each
product is carefully selected following the highest value for money standards.
On top of that, the company is able to get the best price from producers thanks
to the high volumes it manages due to its presence on several international

Efficient delivery

Dispensa Italiana boasts an export platform able to manage deliveries all over
the world in an efficient, effective and timely way. Thanks to the ownership of
trucks equipped with state of the art refrigeration systems, the company is able
to manage deliveries for any kind of products, from long storage to fresh and
super fresh.

Trusted distribution network

Dispensa Italiana is a valuable partner for production companies, due to its
trusted network of international buyers. The company has developed important
relationships with reputable importers all over the world, thanks to an
international and eclectic team of experts in the food industry who brought
their previous most trusted contacts to the table. On top of that, each new
commercial partner is carefully selected and then managed according to the best
commercial standards, in order to grant a productive and sustainable

Our Brands
Dispensa Italiana boasts more than 20 companies in its portfolio, including well known brands in the slow food segment which together represent a yearly turnover of around 150 million euros.